Cross-platform Development – The path to your company’s success

SomTamLabs is a team of mobile app and developers with years of experience in the cross-platform mobile market. We have successfully launched and developed apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms for our clients in Thailand and internationally.

Cutting edge technology

We use cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter, React Native and more to maintain the highest quality of our products. Our dedicated team of developers will utilize their experience and skills to produce fully functional cross-platform applications in an efficient timeframe.

Expertise from every angle

With our extensive experience in the field, we can provide services from brainstorming through development to launch & marketing. We understand that you cannot always be present on site so we offer remote project management via Skype, Zoom & email for any type of project.

Cross-platform mobile development in Thailand

Skyrocket your business

With our robust app development services, we have helped our clients skyrocket their business by creating an optimized and integrated mobile application that allows users to engage with their services on the go.

We use only the best technologies for cross-platform front-end development – including Flutter and React Native.

Competitive advantage

We have been developing applications for Android and iOS for many years, so we have a huge experience in this industry. Furthermore, we use advanced technologies like Flutter or React Native for both front and back end development to deliver high-quality and productively.

Beautiful, functional, and user-friendly

Our software developers are experts in their fields and our UX design team will take your app from the drawing board to the app store with a polished and functional interface that is beautiful to use.

Cross-platform development that covers every need

Thailand’s main dedicated mobile app development company, SomTamLabs is one of the few companies offering cross-platform mobile development services with a full range of services to meet your needs. From simple, low-cost projects to complex, high-end ones, our team of skilled developers will create an app just for you.

Competitive pricing & quick turnaround time

We offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround time, so your project will stay within budget and on time.

Contact us today and let us take your business to the next level.