Conversion Rate Optimization services in Thailand

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing a website or web application to increase its conversion rate. It is mainly done by testing different types of content and using analytics to identify what works best.

Conversion rate optimization can be done on both mobile and desktop platforms. Various tools can be used to optimize conversion rates, including Google Analytics, Heatmaps, A/B testing and multivariate testing.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

Conversion rate optimization is important in digital marketing to increase revenue and growth. This is because it helps in increasing the number of leads and customers, as well as reducing cost per acquisition.

The key drivers of CRO include website design, content strategy, product design and testing, social media strategy, email marketing strategy and lead generation strategy.

How Conversion measures are established

  • Identifying the conversion goals for every specific web page or app screen is the first step in conversion rate optimization.
  • Your website or mobile app’s performance metrics will be determined by the sort of business you run and your objectives.
  • If you sell things products online, for example, a conversion may be the number of website visitors who add a product to their shopping basket.
  • If you provide products or services to businesses, you can track how many leads your website generates.

The following are some frequent conversion objectives, categorized by industry type:

1 – Pageviews, ad views, newsletter subscriptions, and engagement for those with Media companies.

2 – Product sales, add-to-carts, shopping cart completion rate, and e-mail newsletter sign-ups are all examples of great eCommerce metrics.

3 – Booking conversions, ancillary purchases, and social sharing is what matters the most for Travel websites

4 – The number of leads and agreements completed are the most important parts of Conversion for B2B companies.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate on a Website

Put simply, the most common way to calculate the Conversion Rate is by dividing the number of conversions (sales, leads etc) by the number of visitors to your website.

This can be done based on the number of page views per visit, the amount of unique visitors to the website every month and more based on what metrics are needed.

Identifying parts of your website that need to be improved for CRO

1 – Once your know what conversion metrics you want for your website, the following stage in the conversion rate optimization process is to choose which element of your conversion funnel you wish to improve.

2 – Typically, you should start improving the part of your conversion funnel that receives the most traffic or converts the most people.

3 – You will be able to see the results of your adjustments sooner and have a greater influence on your business if you concentrate on these pages.

4 – Your highest value pages or pages that are underperforming relative to the rest of your site are also good places to start. Improving these areas might have the most influence on your conversion objectives right away.

For example: a clothes company could discover that while their dress page generates a lot of traffic, it converts at a considerably lower rate than the rest of the site.

The retailer’s CRO efforts will result in a significant increase in sales if the conversion rate of that page is improved and their CRO webmaster should focus on this.

On your website, where should you put a CRO strategy in place?

Here are four areas of your website where conversion rate improvement may make a big difference.

1 – The home page

Homepages are ideal candidates for conversion rate optimization.

The homepage is an opportunity to keep visitors and guide them deeper into your website, in addition to generating a first impression on them.

This may be accomplished by highlighting product information links, providing a free registration button, or even introducing a chatbot that asks visitors questions at any moment throughout their browsing session.

2 – Pricing sections

For many website visitors, a website’s pricing page might be the most important in terms of conversion rate.

By changing the pricing intervals (e.g., price-per-year vs. price-per-month), detailing the product features associated with each price, offering a phone number for visitors to contact for a price quote, or adding a simple pop-up form, CRO can convert visitors into customers.

3 – Create a blog

For a website, a blog is a huge conversion opportunity.

A blog can employ CRO to convert readers into leads in addition to posting meaningful and informative information about your business.

Adding calls-to-action (CTA) throughout an article or asking readers to learn more about a topic by giving their email address in return for an ebook or industry report are common examples of how CRO in a website’s Blog section can work wonders.

4 – Use CRO on your Landing Page

Landing pages, by their very nature, are meant to encourage users to take action, therefore it’s no surprise that they have the highest average conversion rate of all signup forms, Our research has found this to be the case almost 25% of the time.

Example 1 of using CRO on a Landing page:

A video from last year’s event can be included to an Event landing page to attract people to register this year.

Example 2 of using CRO on a Landing page:

To attract visitors to download a free resource on your website (and act as a lead magnet to sign up to your email list), a landing page can be optimized with strong preview material from the resource.

What are some great tools for website conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization tools are designed to help improve the conversion rate of a website. They can be used for the purpose of increasing revenue, improving lead generation, or reducing cost per acquisition.

Here is a list of some of the best tools available for website conversion rate optimization:

  • Google Analytics
  • Optimizely
  • Unbounce
  • VWO

What is a good conversion rate on a website?

A good conversion rate on a website is between 2 and 5%. 

It is important to track your conversion rates and make sure that you are meeting your target. When it comes to conversion rate optimization, there are many factors that you can use to increase conversion rates. 

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process so it is important that you keep trying new things until you find something that works for your website.

What does it mean to create an inbound email marketing strategy in CRO?

Inbound email marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on attracting new visitors to a website by showing them content that is relevant to their interests.

Creating an inbound email marketing strategy in CRO entails identifying the right content, segmenting audiences based on their interests, and sending targeted messages.

Inbound email marketing strategies are becoming more popular than ever. The reason for this is that they can sometimes provide better ROI than other traditional digital marketing strategies.

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