Logo design

Somtamlabs is a leading company in Thailand that can design logos for your brand to make it stand out from the crowd. We design logos that are memorable and effective, and we offer a variety of logo design packages to suit different needs.

What is the process of creating a logo?

We work with our clients in Bangkok to find out their ideas and preferences, then we create samples and drafts to show what the logo might look like. Once we agree on a final version, we send it for printing and other finishing touches.

Importance of having a good logo

A good logo will ensure your company’s identity is well-represented and remembered by potential customers. It helps you stand out from your competitors as well as give customers a sense of reliability when they choose your products or services.

The right logo will make your company stand out

With a unique and creative logo, your company will be remembered and recognized in a heartbeat.

Importance of a good logo

1 – It grabs your attention

A logo is important in order to create a memorable and recognizable brand.

A logo is the distinctive symbol for a company, product or organization. It can be one or two-dimensional and can be simple or complex in its design. A logo is traditionally used to identify an organization’s products by placing it on the packaging, promotional materials, advertisements, letterheads, business cards etc. A good logo should grab your attention when you see it for the first time.

2 – It creates a powerful first impression

A strong logo will give your business a powerful first impression, while a weak one will make it look amateurish.

Take a look around you, and you’ll find that most successful businesses have logos that are easily recognizable to the public. A strong logo makes it easy for potential customers to know what to expect from your business and can give it a powerful first impression.

3 – It is the bedrock of your brand’s identity

The logo is the bedrock of your brand’s identity. It is the first and last thing that people see when they come in contact with your company.

The logo should be:

  • Simple: People should be able to recognize the logo and know what you do even if it’s just a small square.
  • Memorable: People should be able to recall what your company does just by looking at the logo.
  • Unique: You want to avoid having a generic or common logo that can have many meanings.
  • Versatile: You want people to be able to use it on different mediums without losing clarity, no matter how small it is on their screen or phone.
  • Clear: The font chosen for the company name, tagline, or slogan should not

What is the creation process of a logo?

  • We assess your brand
  • We do market research in your sector
  • We create a list of all the places where the logo will be utilized
  • A number of logo ideas are sketched
  • We use vector software to create digital drafts
  • With your input, we refine your logo design

How a logo is created

Every new project begins with an idea. With this in mind, we work with you to create a detailed brief from scratch. Once we know what you need, we’ll be able to start designing!

Designing the perfect logo for your brand

Choosing a logo is more than just picking one that looks cool or modern. A logo is the first presentation of your company and as such, needs to convey everything about your business in a single design.

Brand power: Why your logo matters

A good logo tells people who you are and what you do quickly and effectively. It makes them more likely to buy from you, share you on social media or come back to visit again and again.

It sets you apart from the competition

A logo often represents the company’s philosophy, what they do, their values, and objectives. In other words, it must not only look good but also say something about the company. There are many different styles of logos that you can choose from which will depend on your industry and target audience.

Get a logo that is uniquely you

We at Somtamlabs understand that no two businesses are alike and we’re here to help you create the perfect logo and branding for your business.

Thailand’s best logo designer

We guarantee that through our design process, your company will get the most suitable design with the best customer service.

Best Bangkok logo design

We have helped companies both in Thailand and internationally with their logo design needs from start to finish.

Tired of the same old thing?

We offer high-quality logos that scream uniqueness and sophistication — it will always be one-of-a-kind and representative of your brand.

Logo design is our expertise!

Designing a logo takes time and experience to be able to understand what you want and deliver the best possible result for you. We offer top of the line services at affordable prices so it doesn’t break your bank.