UX Design

To develop your digital universe, we employ all of our expertise.

  • Our designs are user-friendly, cutting-edge, and adaptable to your specific requirements.
  • Our teams will put together the appropriate project for you using the best tools in the industry.
  • We intervene at each important stage to turn your dreams into digital reality, from the analysis of your needs through to implementation.

We care about your project

Our goal is to take care of every project as if it were our own. We know how important your company is to you and we strive to get the result you’re looking for.

SomTamLabs designs & builds UX/UI that seduces

With our expertise in the field of UX/UI design, we create projects that are unique, beautiful and seductive. Our passion for design drives us to create strategies that help your brand or business stand out from the competition.


From the idea to execution, we have proven systems in place for designing, building and launching a UX/UI that shines. 

We have our own Sketch & Figma templates which are low-resolution wireframes that allow us to create beautiful designs for our customers. We also use the Adobe suite including Illustrator and Photoshop, and Miro helps us create site mapping that makes sense.

From site map to creation

SomTamLabs provides you with beautiful ready-to-use wireframes, prototypes and mockups, so we can build your digital products faster.


Wireframes are a step before the design process. They help you make sure what your developers are building is going in the right direction. Wireframes are a great tool to get ideas down and test them out with your team.


Prototypes give you a more immersive experience than wireframes. They’re quick and easy to iterate on and allow for more visual exploration. Prototypes help you envision what your final product will look like.


Mockups are generally the last step of the design process before developing a full app from scratch. Mockups show how an app would actually function, and allow for more complex interactions between different parts of the app or website.

Why us for your UX/UI design?

A team of designers with a passion for their craft

We are a team of highly qualified designers with diverse experience across different industries. With our skill set and enthusiasm to work on your project, we can deliver results that will leave your clients satisfied and your audience impressed!

We provide a unique and personalized approach to our clients’ UX and UI business needs and design

We provide a unique and personalized approach to our clients’ UX and UI business needs, as well as offering a full range of other digital services in order to help them grow their business.

We care

We develop a deep relationship with our clients to understand their mindset in terms of design and branding. At SomTamLabs, we have a team of UX and UI designers who are experts at delivering user-centred solutions.

Specialists that stand out

We’ve developed partnerships and collaborations with Bangkok specialists. This means we can fulfil all your specific UX and UI needs better and faster than our competitors.

At SomTamLabs, we value partnerships and collaboration as a key part of our work. We’ve developed partnerships and collaborations with Bangkok specialists who create stunning illustrations for our projects, 3D / animation / motion design for your future mobile apps, games, and more.

Step creation

You’re involved at every step

SomTamLabs invites clients into the creation process. We will work with you to ensure your website, app, or product has the perfect design and UX for your business.

Our services are designed with one goal in mind: To help you succeed. Our designs are not just for aesthetic appeal — they’re for usability as well.

Scalable processes

We have some scalable processes already well known by our UX / UI designers, and tools in place that help the client to easily follow the creation.

Take advantage of our experience with the process

Having gone through this process many times before, we know exactly what will happen with your project. We won’t just tell you what happens but show you the walkthroughs so you can better understand our process and how it works.

Our designers are always ready to answer questions about our processes and we’re always willing to help improve it for your needs as well.

For who?

Any company that needs to integrate its branding into digital tools

From websites to apps, we can help you create your brand across all platforms from a single source, giving you peace of mind that you’re investing in a long-term solution.

Design is the Heart of Your Brand

We help companies bring their brand’s personality to the digital world.

If you’re looking for a design-led solution, look no further. We have the ability to complement your digital project with a specialized, visual identity.

Any company that needs new brand creation

Branding is the most important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. 

It is designed to communicate a message, position, or image to your target audience. There are many different ways companies can use branding to their advantage – and we’ll help you shape yours.

We offer the best UX & UI design services that will help your brand look more professional and stand out from your competitors.

We’re for companies that need re-branding or a branding overhaul

Our experienced designers can also give your company a facelift and re-brand everything in order to attract new customers. We offer UX and UI design to help companies create a professional brand that their target audience will love.

We’re for new companies too

SomTamLabs offers full UX / UI design services to help new companies build their digital presence

With industry leading UX and UI building tools, friendly staff and easy to understand pricing, SomTamLabs is the perfect choice for new companies looking to expand their digital footprint.

Whatever your size, we can help

Regardless of your company’s size, at SomTamLabs we’ve mastered the art of designing intuitive digital products. We utilize our years of experience to deliver designs that are unique, creative and will help you stand out from your competition.

Our team will chat with you regularly to understand how their designs can impact your business in a positive way.

Ready to build your company’s new UX and UI? 

Let’s chat.